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Created on Thursday, 28 October 2010

Historical background:

Many overseas compatriots are business owners. As there was limited assistance provided by existing Chambers of Commerce, majority of Taiwanese businessesoverseas still operated in isolation. It is difficult for these businesses to expand without collaboration with others, so in order to help our overseas compatriots, the Taiwanese government took steps to establish the intercontinental alliance of Chambers of Commerce, by setting up individual chamber of commerce in each major city on the six global continents, forming the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce.

Intercontinental alliance of Chambers of Commerce was set up with senior members’ years of hard work, before the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce announced its launch in September 1994. With the set up of Latin America alliance in August 1995 and the Oceania alliance in 1998, World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce was finally complete. WTCC’s membership has been increasing steadily though generations of efforts, which resulted in the improvement of Taiwanese businesses competitive edge in the world market. The World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce became one of the largest and well-respected non-governmental organizations globally, and started helping our overseas compatriots to assimilate quickly into the mainstream society in each of the continent.

Organizations & Meetings: 

1.    1. Administration: There are six intercontinental alliances under the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (WTCC), located in 73 countries, 189  communities and has more than 40,000 members worldwide. One member is elected as the president, and the president of each local alliance serves as the lawful vice president. To offer better services, a permanent office was set up in Taipei in September 2009. This office has been responsible for administrative duties on behalf of the alliances worldwide since its official launch on January 16th 2010. This was a new milestone in the history of WTCC. In addition, the president of WTCC, according to the regulation, appointed members as secretary general and controller to be in charge of relevant matters on the volunteering basis. A total of 17 committees were also created to reinforce lateral communication in an environment where vertical chain of commend is the norm. Moreover, recruiting young Taiwanese businessmen overseas has been emphasized in recent years, so the Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce alliance was set up in Taipei to support this initiative on October 3rd, 2010.

2. Council:

(1) Managing Council: Assembled by the President of WTCC, Honorary President, and the 6 presidents of the intercontinental Chambers of Commerce alliances.

(2) Council Committees: Assembled by the 20 committees elected by each of the six local alliances and the lawful managing council members. These personnel should attend the three annual board meetings, and according to a special rule in the board regulations, all qualified personnel who are appointed to be honorary president(s), consultant(s), advisor(s), and committee member(s) also need to be lawful members of the alliance.

3. Board of Supervisors: Assembled by 2 people elected by the six local alliances as the supervisor of the federation conference and the CFO.  The position of supervisor is valid for one term only and the same person cannot be re-elected. The rest of four presidents of the local alliances serve as lawful assistant supervisors. 

4. House of Representatives: Assembled by the 50 representatives elected by the intercontinental alliance and the lawful members of the council. There is an annual meeting for all representatives, the annual attendance from the council, board of supervisors and the house of representatives exceeded 900 people ever year, it is the proof of our successful expansion.


1.Encourage the cooperation amongst Taiwanese businesses overseas and help each other expand to the world market.

2.  Promote exchange of technology and knowledge as well as increase the communication amongst   Taiwanese businessmen overseas

3.  Improve the sharing of information amongst Taiwanese businessmen overseas in order to strengthen the   economic and trading cooperation in the region.

4.  Elevate the status of Taiwanese businessmen overseas to ensure their rights and interests are protected.

5.  Promote cultural exchange in each continent to increase mutual understanding and economic development.

All of our members reside overseas, so they put in great efforts getting involved with mainstream activities and associations to build good business relationships. WTCC has also made protecting Taiwanese businessmen’s rights and interests as its priority since its establishment, and to build solid partnership with the government of Taiwan, Republic of China. Moreover, WTCC aims to improve diplomatic relationships and increase trading opportunities with each country where our overseas compatriots reside. It will continue to help increasing Taiwan’s visibility in the world, and encourage overseas compatriots to invest in Taiwan, contribute to its development and social welfare, and care for the disadvantaged in their home country. 

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World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (WTCC) was established in  Taipei in September 1994. WTCC is currently the world's largest  Taiwanese Business coalition organizations around the world  crossing continentals and over 188 above countries.
The purpose of WTCC is to develop a exchange platform for Taiwanese Businessmen and promote Taiwanese social status.





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